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Verico Technology Installs Newest Slot Die


Verico Technology is happy to announce the recent installation and qualification of our newest slot die, a 64” coating width capable, dual cavity die, custom built by TSE Troller (TSE TROLLER AG). 

The new die provides capability over a wide range of fluid flows, viscosity, and rheology with a precision built-in slot height that can be shimmed to provide greater flexibility and can be deckled down, as narrow as 20 inches, for development projects and optimization of expensive substrates and coating fluids. 

Call Verico when you have new or challenging coating needs.  We can provide services from benchtop to high volume manufacturing, now up to 64” wide coating on 65” wide substrates such as plastics, foils, and non-wovens. 

Slot Die 1
Slot Die 2
Slot Die 3