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Zahara Elite – The brand New Verico Printing Plate for Waterless Presses

Verico Technology LLC has have successfully launched the latest plate in the Zahara family, the Zahara Elite waterless plate.

Zahara Elite plates are available in most sizes and gauges for waterless newspaper, sheetfed, narrow web label, security printing and CD / DVD applications. Elite is a drop-in product to the existing Zahara CTP settings and in will not require any adjustments in exposures. Like all Zahara products, the Zahara Elite is a 100% chemical free process plate using simply water for cleanout. No hazardous chemicals or dyes to maintain or dispose. Just expose, rinse and print.

Benefits of the brand new Verico Zahara Elite waterless plate:

– Speed: Increased sensitivity in the CtP system enables higher throughput with wider exposure latitude

– Durability: Extremely durable on any substrate with increased scratch resistance

– Resolution: Reproduction of even finer screens with consistent durability

– Ink transfer: Excellent solids and fast ink roll up, excellent compatibility with UV Inks and increased solvent resistance

– Measurability: Plate is video microscopically measurable

– Drop-in: Uses your existing processing equipment

As the remaining stock of Zahara XP products are depleted, Verico Technology will automatically ship Zahara Elite plates to fill customer orders. Customers will notice the new labeling on the package that will distinguish Zahara Elite plates. Immediate upgrades available on request.

Verico Technology’s Sales and Application experts are available to answer questions and give every necessary support.