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Coating Solutions for Emerging Ideas.

Precision, Roll to Roll Manufacturing.

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Coating Solutions for Emerging Ideas.

Precision, Roll to Roll Manufacturing.

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Let's Make a Difference

Today, it’s more important than ever that we ensure our planet has a bright and sustainable future. It can often feel like an extremely difficult endeavor, but nothing is more worthy of the challenge.

We’re encouraged to see an influx of smart and determined entrepreneurs as well as corporate industry veterans meeting this challenge head-on by introducing emerging new products every day.

Our Mission's Methodology
Our track record in precision roll to roll coating, executed by an innovative team of talented engineers, can be attributed to a methodology that adheres to these five pillars:


Our dedication is to provide the cleanest facility in the region.  Let us show you the benefits of a well-organized and clean manufacturing line.

Fast Track to the Future

Our dedicated team is focused on expediting your project as fast as possible, from concept to completion. We believe it’s essential to commit to a personalized, long-term relationship with all our clients. Faster development not only saves money – it allows faster entry to the market.

Flexibility & Adaptation

Our engineers are often called upon to find a “different way” to a common goal. In order to meet these requests, we are continuously reinvesting our resources into growing our knowledge, processes, testing and production assets. This inspires us to continuously explore new technologies and equipment that keep us well positioned for future challenges.

Process Transparency

Clear communication removes barriers to problem solving.  We invite you to participate at any level you deem appropriate. Our facility is open to you at any time throughout the entire journey.

Product Development

From chemical formulation through scale up to full manufacturing, our ability to call on 30 years of wisdom and know-how, coupled with our robust laboratory capabilities, gives us the advantage to guide you all the way through your product development path.

These mission-critical values are what drive our passion in helping today’s entrepreneurs and product developers in any organization meet tomorrow’s demands.
contract coating services
Your Roll to Roll Coating Manufacturing Partner
At Verico Technology, we are well positioned to offer comprehensive product development by leveraging over 30 years of trusted experience in contract coating solutions and applying it to today’s client demands.
We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and corporate product developers with compounding, roll to roll coating, converting and wholesale product development services. We achieve this by utilizing methods such as precision fluid coating, slot die coating, membrane separation, UV curing, plastic film coating, foil coil coating, solvent coating, aqueous coating, mixing and dispersion and more.
We serve industries including electrochemical and filtration/separation membranes, PCBs, photovoltaics, and specialty films.

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