Zahara Waterless Printing
A New Level of Performance

Zahara printing plate technology has taken waterless printing to a new level of performance and compelling business advantages:

  • Plates that meet your precise printing needs: Verico’s advanced coatings enable us to create Zahara plates that are precisely tailored to your print requirements.

  • Chemistry-free plate setup: Zahara technology completes the eco-friendly picture with chemistry-free plate setup. This eliminates the cost, storage, health risks, and residual chemical transfer associated with chemistry-based preparation. In addition, chemistry-free simplifies your workflow, contributing to profitability.

  • Consistently high-quality printing: Zahara allows a reproduction of extremely sharp prints with the finest screenings and highest resolutions.

  • Longer runs with each plate: Zahara plates aren’t degraded by chemical washing during setup, which gives them superior durability. The silicone layer stays extremely stable and you get more runs from each plate, saving on investment costs and keeping your presses rolling.

  • Superior ability: During the chemistry-free plate making process, you have fewer variables for errors.

  • Environmental and regulatory compliance: Zahara enables printers to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, including eliminating chemicals, reducing waste, using low-migration inks for food safety, and more.
Zahara® ELITE XP

The Zahara XP for sheetfed printers is the only high contrast printing plate that is both waterless and chemistry free – a tremendously exciting breakthrough for the industry.

Zahara® NWL

The WL plate is the first and only waterless and chemistry-free printing Zahara Ng plate for waterless narrow web label presses. It has been designed specifically for label print processes on various substrates and the use of UV-based ink types.

Zahara® CD/Zahara® CD-AN24

Zahara CD-P/M and AN24 analogue version is the leading waterless and chemistry-free plate for printing on optical disks.

Committed to Your Success

Verico’s commitment to your success isn’t just based on delivering the best printing plates. We are committed to having one of the best customer support organizations in the industry. Whether your question is about products or processes, we’re here to help.

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